GSB starts with the new YP MBA

On Monday, March 15, the new Young Professional MBA study program started at GSB Mainz. Due to the current pandemic-related closure of the university, the start of the program for the 13 international participants of the first cohort took place remotely, but this did not stop the lively interaction in the opening session "Business Model Analysis" with Dr. Yann Girard (Oxford Economics). During the Opening Week, the participants have the opportunity to get to know each other in the context of shorter one to two-day course units, which is also very well possible in digital form through the use of interactive tools. The traditional welcome evening to kick off the program at GSB also took place. Thus, Mainz Surprise Packages with snacks and wine typical for Mainz were sent to all participants in advance, so that at the end of the first course day there was also the opportunity for a more informal round. Professor Gill, in his function as academic director of the GSB, warmly welcomed the participants.

After more than 20 years of experience with part-time management and executive education at Johannes Gutenberg University, GSB is offering now with the YP MBA a MBA program for young professionals for the first time in addition to the Executive MBA program. The strong demand for management education programs, especially in earlier stages of a professional career, in recent years has documented the need for such an offering. With the YP MBA, GSB has conceptualized a program that directly qualifies its participants to perform middle management tasks and prepares them to take on management experience in the medium to long term.
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